B'elanna Torres (torres_belanna) wrote,
B'elanna Torres

Well, being one of - if not the only, federation ship in the Delta Quadrant, away missions here are extraordinary to say the least. We’ve had aliens who could blend in with the environment, a puddle full of silver goo that made a copy of the ship and everything aboard it, we’ve had hostile atmospheres, strange vegetation, a space race and a few accidents to boot.

But, with the amount of data we have collected on this Quadrant will be enough to keep scientists back on Earth busy for years to come!

My favourite away mission? Well I suppose I’d have to say, would have been when Tom and I were sent to retrieve Voyagers stolen warp core from the Katati, I know we ended up nearly asphyxiated and floating in space but it was the away mission that changed my life.

On returning to Voyager, I realised that I had been running from myself for too long, and that it was time to stand up and take my life by the horns and admit the truth. That I was crazy about Tom! Needless to say, after a few months of awkwardness and hiding our relationship from the rest of the crew, and once the shock had worn off, we settled into not only a proper relationship, but a proper friendship, something which we had denied ourselves for far too long!
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