B'elanna Torres (torres_belanna) wrote,
B'elanna Torres


Enemies? Where do I start? Well aside from the Borg, the Vidiians, the Hirogen, the Kazon, do you want me to go on? Anyway, since we were stranded in the Delta Quadrant, a Quadrant never explored by anyone from our side of the Galaxy before, we have met and made a whole new list of enemies.

But by far the most dangerous of all the hostile aliens we have encountered would have to be species 8472, a race of large, non-humanoid ugly looking creatures, who don’t speak. They communicate by telepathy and live in fluidic space. Their ships are made of the same material, as they are, a biotechnology and their weapons surpass even that of the Borg.

We encountered them during our alliance with the Borg, and as it turned out the Borg where the ones to start the war, and 8472 were too powerful for even them to out wit or out gun! Imagine, an alien more powerful than the Borg!

I can only hope they never darken the Alpha Quadrant with their presence, because, to be honest, I don’t think we could defeat them!

Enough miserable talk, I have to run and help Seven and Harry run diagnostics in both Astrometrics and Engineering before the Captain gets back.
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