B'elanna Torres (torres_belanna) wrote,
B'elanna Torres


I think the most notable occurance, which, at first was described as a huge mistake, but now i'm not so sure about. Was when the captain destroyed the caretakers array, at first the hole crew was shocked, and maddened, and confused. But after the initial reaction wore off, I think the most obvious emotion was sadness, I think we all felt ashamed for our behaviour, we wanted to put our safety above that of an entire race of beings. A race, which we later realised, was a very kind hearted people.

If It wasn’t for that act by Captain Janeway we never would have become the family we became, and have the experiences that we have had. In retrospect, personally I am ashamed; I behaved unreasonably, and gave the Captain more hassle than I’m sure it was worth.

But that was the best worst mistake that anyone has ever made!
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