B'elanna Torres (torres_belanna) wrote,
B'elanna Torres


You want to talk about opposites?

He’s a human, I’m a Klingon. Enough said.
Humans eat pizza, Klingons eat worms - although in saying that i'm quite partial to pizza and I hate most/all Klingon foods.

Humans watch sports, Klingons make sports, even though i'm not much of a warrior, I have started to learn the olden Klingon ways of the warrior, and, I’m getting quite skilled at the wielding a bat’leth.

Humans are generally tidy, Klingons could go years - ok that’s an exaggeration but they’re generally dirtier and messier. Although my personal hygiene is totally above board - my daughter and husband can tell you that much, I am somewhat messy by nature and have a tendency to throw things right at my feet and leave them there! It drives Tom crazy, he’s messy himself, but not nearly as bad as me!

In an argument, Tom would tend to shy away from confrontation, me? Well being a Klingon and having this damn hot blood in my veins I go looking for a fight!

Needless to say, Tom and I are like, *thinks for the correct human expression * chalk and cheese, but as people say, opposites attract! And we definitely attract - if you know what I mean!

I think now would be a good time to announce, that Tom and I have managed to conceive another baby, its early days yet, but the Doctor thinks it’s a little boy! I’ll keep you all posted.
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