B'elanna Torres (torres_belanna) wrote,
B'elanna Torres

Where the hell is my p'tok of a husband?!

Things with the baby are hectic! With Tom off again on one of his assignments, Chakotay and Kathy away on some romantic get away, Harry is on an away mission, and I havent heard from Seven in god only knows how long, things are tough to say the least!

And you guys on here arent any better! I mean, Bev, Dax, Sisko - you've all gone awol! Noone comments anymore!

Ben hasnt been sleeping, I think he is coming down with something, and Miral, in her naieve childhood kinda way thinks she's helping when she puts his diaper on backwards, or covers him from head to foot in powder - or runs a bath that is over flowing.

ordinarily I would laugh and think it cute, but managing two children alone - isnt easy, and Tom told me he'd update *sigh*

The joys of being both a Klingon and a mother!

some days I wish we were still stranded in the Delta Quadrant!
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